Android Apps:
Funny Stories
Lots of funny stories to read and laugh about. Perfect if you have a funny story to pull at a party.
The stories are divided into different categories such as Animal jokes", "Blond jokes", "Doctor jokes", "Lightbulb jokes", "Naughty jokes" and others.
Support for stories in English and Swedish
Windows software:
PC Vault
Shareware program that acts as a bank vault, or safe, where you can keep you private information or files hidden and secure.
Network Tester
Shareware program for logging and monitoring your internet connection, network or server uptime stability. You can test the connection to a web page, files on a file server or ping an IP number or address at chosen interval. The result is displayed in the application window or in a log file.
Web sites:
Sudoku Solver
Having problem with solving a Sudoku? Then use this web based Sudoku solver to automatically solve it for you.
Free OCR
This is a free web based OCR service. OCR stands for 'Optical Character Recognition' and is a way of translating the text information within an image to real editable text.
Calculation Tools
Calculation Tools is a website with online tools to help you calculate different things or convert values between different units.
Swedish web site with food, drink and baking recipes.
Windows Mobile Apps:
Windows mobile application for displaying live stats from Elitserien (Swedish elite hockey league).
WM Passwords
WM Passwords is a secure windows mobile application where you can store and organize all your passwords. All password information is store in a secure encrypted file and can only be accessed using your password.
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